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La Partition

by Uneven Structure

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Benjamin Duran
Benjamin Duran thumbnail
Benjamin Duran This album is thick, complicated, and an absolute joy to listen to from beginning to end. It is impossible for me to listen to it without starting it from the beginning and letting it play to completion.

Take as long as you want on the next album. No rush, especially if this is the quality of music we can expect! Favorite track: The Bait.
Chris Wightman
Chris Wightman thumbnail
Chris Wightman Love this soo much! for fans of Tool, Tesseract and progressive metal. They have moved far away from the THALL sound but still got that unique djenty with a touch of prog sound. AMAZING album from front to back. Favorite track: Incube.
Andrew Leed
Andrew Leed thumbnail
Andrew Leed Definitely worth the wait since Februus, this album kicks dick.
Cherubian thumbnail
Cherubian Were the long six years worth the waiting? Oh hell yeah! This is music(k)! Favorite track: Incube.
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While listening to the new album „La Partition“ you will hear and feel the progress and growing the band made since „Februus“, due to the fact that their sound is now even more complex and perfectly arranged, catchy, experimental and technically enhanced, but also groovy. A perfect combination of the hardness of metal with the elaborate techniques of prog and the atmospheric sounds of ambient.

Not only has the sound of Uneven Structure been growing and changing with this new album, but also the band internally. With Arnaud Verrier on drums (ex Zuul FX and Kadinja) and Steeves Hostin (Beyond The Dust) as guitarist the band is more than perfectly prepared to continue their legacy, but also to open a new chapter in their musical career by performing mindblowing live shows all over the world.


released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Uneven Structure Montpellier, France


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Track Name: Alkaline Throat
I know who you are
Adrenaline-stricken thought
You call for this childish inertia
And I seem to crave for whatever lights us up
Every gathering has become an occasion
I'll take your word for advice, who am I to judge?
Whatever it is as long as it takes us out of nowhere

Keep filling in this drive, lead us up to the outburst
I know who you are, sweet silk
Now get me where the lights become stars

Hunting ourselves down until we see
This tapestry of projected minds
Sweet demon this is going places
Haunting ourselves up until we glimpse
Our last breath and some more

We are going to get through what nothing in this place could make us ready
Take a stand

I burn and you're ablaze
No longer the lucent glow we both rave
Then flesh melts and then trickles
My loathing echoes back at your laughter
Track Name: Brazen Tongue
I have the feeling that this feedback is washing me off of any identity
Loosening up the safety bolts screwed down my very self
Barricades falling one by one
No longer an actor, just a mere bystander straying

I have no doubt you breached my spirit
I loose the grasp of my string of thoughts

A cloud of shouts clashes through my ears
These wordings, so strange, incantations boiling out my fluids
All I can comprehend is my soul is softening, beaten by the brazenness of their tongues
Gutted, ethereal and distilled, I'm their tiny delicacy

Pummeling my skull with a brutal infancy
I develop compassion for your condition
So devoid of any substance yet explicit
Is this the genesis of your doctrine?

These cunning spongers takes control as I'm becoming nothing more than a blueprint

I loose the grasp of my string of thoughts

Why should I follow you if only for the high you're giving me
Let me cut short and call a spade a spade
This is proselitysm

Learn who you are, hysteria stricken mime
Run away from this place, my child

Your jaw can dance, would your tongue flee?
Track Name: Crystal Teeth
Endurance no more, I let myself cave in after the exhaustion of my race
Vanished, I let myself slide down this slippery slope

Stumbling back and forth between spit and breath
As I sense again the caress of your mold, its warm milk
Revelations happens where screams are forged

I'm remembering the seed I was, growing up in there
Every second, every moment is now staring at my face

I have to find my way in these crystal teeth

So brittle yet so sharp, reflecting a million selves
Is all of them looking us down
Pick apart but what have you done?

Too proud to give a fuck, too weak to take a step
There's no answer to find through your idleness
We need to consider the journey
Think over the actions and appreciate their direction
Track Name: Incube
Hiss then a cluster of tones slurring through haze, luring me to go forth
To bring them back to the place where they belong
Close to the eight sisters in a dire need of their messenger
I can hear the reveling scent one can only tail

I open my eyes to the rippling skies, overtaking

As you strive to fix your faults, a deaf menace pours black water down my ears.
Enjoy your blood thick as lead
Your fingers better dead than numb
Surrender to the pressure filling out your lungs

Let me get to the end of this road with you
Up until their concerns dissipates
Then I'll let yourself be the judge
As bitterness becomes our distant ghost
Exhale and let go

Sprayed out through this dense stream made of pearls
I'm gazing around, becoming familiar with its dance

A wry vow inking its way
Over pelt and skin, this iodine swell


You promise me some rest
Nothing close to this mess
Track Name: Succube yield to the comfort of your gravelly voices. I'll cure them
Deep down you knew I made my mind

I'll convince myself over the idea it's just a game, no one gets bruised
Let's keep it playful and stay blind-folded
In all fairness, for you, I never meant to rely upon my eyes
Your whispering breath could have been enough of a trail if only my ears still weren't sealed
Guide me. Oh your scent!

I can finally feel their gentle caresses over my face

Sitting on your tail, you give me such a battering high
Within your reach nothing affects me besides deceit
Untouchable while at the lowest, abusing weakness of mind

Overwrite the archetype
Absolute yet guilty
This is self-treason

Let the gates ajar and find yourself defaced
There's no way back, nothing to amend
You already fed over all I have
Never satiated and digging even deeper, so thirsty
I'm a dry fruit now, what more do you want from me?
Track Name: Funambule
A jarring noise tears apart the ocean, cold steam running down my spine

Carry me where these currents leads
Since my input has no weight, don't ask for my views
Realise you both pull leashes over a single harness

I gather my spirits, echoes of a vivid dream keep me in a state of disarray
As the vessel goes adrift I realize the sisters are leading me deeper down the rabbit hole

Suspend me here, in mid-water
Make me glimpse how it feels to be so hesitant
Such a rope-walker when it comes to showing your emotions

Your mask is slipping
How can I keep the balance without having to hold on to you
What would it take for you to not wanna, just for once
Bait me and suck me down the bottomless pit of yours

I won't be used
Don't expect me to embrace your intentions
Lay your eyes on me, I'm purposeless
Track Name: The Bait
Void then a swarm of shades going down my face
Leaving salt over my chest
I'm facing an empire on the verge of falling apart
Here lies that scent nobody should ever tail

Vicious flavour

Where water and air no longer keep their distance
Creatures become the last remnants of a now swaying skyline

You brought me here to witness the scale of his wrongdoings
Is it a wish for mending or just another of your funny games?
You made me an inebriate spirit in a torn vessel
How much longer will you play me?

This is my parade for a prostrated court
Their complaint, a lost choir made squalls
Carried with diligence to the eight sisters
Cloak as sheet, savior made savor

All this racket, yet you're just cooking the man

I feel their sharp scales
Through the wounds
Embracing bodies in a ruby-red water
Track Name: Our Embrace
You processed me to bile, vulgar and featureless
Only to harmonize and grow one again

I float among aeons of snared victims ever drowning in this emotional cacophony
Thousands of preys no different than me

Smile upon the communion of your breathless legion
The pantry you carelessely depleted has a new piece
Reach for the providence and gorge as my game becomes yours.

Exposing this grim dance she moves to the rhythm of tides

This is your reward for a sickening scheme
Celebrate as I carry the weight of my decisions
And let it all consume until I can't judge anymore

A new world is emerging from the abyss
She's glancing through the pearls

As a growing circle made out of pitch black intents will rise from the depth at any cost with no concern for the meat

A new world is emerging from the abyss
Built on the misguided matter
Leftovers the eight sisters could rest upon forever

Wipe this mouth on your sheet 'cause the dinner's ending soon
Keep it as a token and make it rise and shine while we are retching
What's left of it was there for a reason
In the end it all was your ordeal
The muse to your own extinction
Track Name: Your Scent
You threw all of us down this boiling kettle
Oarsmen and hangmen alike together, tender meat for your loathsome meal
Trading thousands of promises for their grief-stricken brides
Their tears your salt, their solitude your spices
Nobody ventured this far to put up with your illusion
And offer body and soul as a reward

We're not thankful, I'm not forgiving
This big lie you've sold to the broken ones
Fulfilling nothing but a cardinal instinct

Swirling tails and edentate smiles
The backdrop of your demise
When you let the mermaid's curtain
Wrap your thoughts and bow to its reign

This is our lament to the unchosen hosts
Their supper, our last breath made chants
Torn out with a stern vigor by your very own scarlet mouths
Love made lust for grinding teeths sliding down the scales of our defeat

Your need to fill the vacuity of your existence
Matches my call for a moment of validation
Our sour contentment